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Ahhh, Covid-19. It just won’t go away.

As much as I want to yield to my Southern spirit and yell “Enough of these masks and mandates!”… I have to calm myself. Most Americans, most schools, most states, and most federal agencies are sincerely trying to do the best they can to help as many people as possible.

One of the positive lessons of the last eighteen months is pretty simple:

People can be remarkably flexible in protecting what they care about.

We see that flexibility when a restaurant shifts to take-out business, a school figures out how to keep kids…

The following is an excerpt from American Butterfly. It tells of a
Southern Grandmother’s love for America and her teaching about Independence Day.

My grandmother, Lausanne Wayles Trenton, was the matriarch of the family and the glue holding us all together. She moderated the war among her children. She bridged the generations.

Grandmommy orchestrated a special night for each grandchild. It included a birthday trip to buy a toy at the Lowensteins department store. She was the adult who connected with my sister, telling her to “put her thinking cap on” before Angelina would play another miracle card game of…

I am writing to wish everyone in this great big country a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. There is a time for everything under the sun — praise, criticism, work, protest, and play. This moment is particularly for celebrating the efforts of Americans and the friends of liberty everywhere. Thank you!

It is impossible to single out all who deserve special praise. I’ll highlight just one: Luzane Tayloe. Luzane was not a perfect person. She thought herself a little better than most. Still, she worked hard to gather and share knowledge and understanding. …

Notorious RBG: A Guidebook For America

I have a special weakness for books that are fun and educational. Shana Knizhnik and Irin Carmon have accomplished both with Notorious RBG published first in 2015.

Part biography, part social history, part meme, part legal lesson, part love story, part life guide, it offers a worthy vehicle for learning about the icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg and, I think, much of the mindset demanded by the American maelstrom of 2021.

Shana Knizhnik created the fabulously popular Notorious RBG Tumblr account in 2013. Without Knizhnik, RBG may have simply remained the daring lawyer and judge at the center of the women’s…

On Saturday, Joseph Epstein of the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed piece: “Is There a Doctor in the White House? Not if You Need an MD.” The world reacted angrily to it, but it was his editor’s piece, “The Biden Team Strikes Back,” that particularly caught my attention. Together, the two say a lot about our divided America.

Mr. Epstein’s first sentence met the criteria for “successful” discourse today. Snarky, droll, and a little insulting. It delivered with a dry, yet acerbic, political bite:

“Madame First Lady — Mrs. Biden — Jill — kiddo: a bit of advice on…


J. Andrew Shelley is the author of the novel, American Butterfly. A very personal family story about bridging the trenches of America’s Culture War.

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