Sanity Among the Ruins of Home Renovation, Part One

Photo by immo RENOVATION on Unsplash

Eventually everything comes down to DOING.

Step 1: Ask, “What do I care about most?”

Agree upon your goal.

Step 2: Ask, “Can we do this work ourselves?”

  1. The satisfaction incurred from completing a project, especially one we did ourselves, is enormous. Satisfaction = Sanity.
  2. The cost savings can be quite real. In Ohio, the labor for an expert carpenter charging $50/hour approaches $1000 for a 2.5 day job. Even if you have to buy $250 of tools, the project savings is $750 plus non-marked-up materials. A thousand dollars in saved cost can equate to a thousand dollar gain in the value of our home equity. Savings = Sanity.
  3. It can be especially hard today to find contractors motivated to meet our needs, in our time frame. Getting It Done = Sanity.

If possible, do some DIY.

Step 3: If we cannot readily do this work, ask, “Can we break the project down into smaller pieces?”

First, identify digestible chunks.

Second, contract chunks of work as needed.

Photo by author. Kitchen remodel managed by homeowner.

A little bit more about the magic in steps 1 through 3



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