J. Andrew Shelley
2 min readMar 6


Thank you so much for your thoughtful response!

Your words admirably describe many truths:

1) Humans ARE making the earth less healthy and habitable for thousands of species and for the next generation of humans... whether one believes that human behavior is the primary driver behind climate change or not.

2) Our consumption of media shapes our world view, and we place faith in many false narratives. Some--FoxNews, Breitbart, and MSNBC--are more disingenuous than others.

3) There are many people who are voting for politicians and accepting laws that are frank threats to democracy and the rights of many. This is happening in America, Britain, Israel, and across the globe.

I am in agreement that the urge to transform our government and social institutions into a tool of hate and control must be fought against.

I am however, in disagreement as to the methods.

I strongly believe that the more we demonize others and declare war, the more likely that we will drive reluctant adherents to that other side... making open conflict more likely and more risky.

Instead, we should embrace the truths that both sides rightly fight for... to craft a "middle ground" that respects the vast majority of people... and even steel ourselves to listen to the cries of the extremes on either side.

I'm certain that MLK agreed. Even Malcolm X recognized that his enemies--at the very least the foot soldiers of his enemies--were victims, too.

Our challenge is to listen past the "wrongs" to understand the many "truths" that do exist. To help us all understand that we have more in common, rather than less.

Thank you so very much for you time and effort and sincere care for the world. I am certain we can make the world better if we listen and strive... together.



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