The even more frightening prospect is that there might be no cabal working to destroy jobs and find ways to ignore starving people. There might be no "they."

Instead of a "they," there is an "it." This "it" might be the fact that humans care far more about advancing themselves and their immediate friends and families than others.

The way "it" fueled itself for thousands of years was through physical domination: through fists and rocks and axes and eventually cannon.

As groups formed, "it" began to inspire fear of others, of outside groups to keep people conforming.

"It" then evolved to using ideas of organized religion to keep people aligned.

"It" then discovered that large groups of people were happy to call themselves "nations." They would sacrifice much for the preservation of their nation.

"It" realized that national boundaries could be augmented by ideas of forms of production. Capitalism could justify a whole range of activities almost as well as socialism or communalism.

When capitalism proved more functional--both at enriching "them" and maintaining the masses--capitalism won out as the favored mechanism.

"It" is now seeing that capitalism alone can't allow "it" to expand while caring sufficiently for all the people.

"It"--a will to advance oneself beyond others--is now struggling to find the next justification for itself. Sadly, it is strongly considering going back to its early beginnings: fists and rocks and axes.

Be well

People working with people. Sure, it’s business but it’s also personal. About you and me. Book: American Butterfly on Amazon.

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