The Story That Russians Believe About America

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Truth: Putin is an absolute dictator, a child of his Soviet past.

Truth: Putin and his Soviet-era fellows are getting old.

Truth: A failed dream

Truth: The Soviet Union went quietly into that good night

  • The Communist Party, the Soviet Union, and the Warsaw Pact disappeared immediately.
  • The 14 other soviet socialist states, including Ukraine, became independent.
  • Russia stood alone with a very prideful Boris Yeltsin as its President.

Belief #1: Russia and America would become partners, friends even

Belief #2: In return…in 1991 the US promised NATO would never encroach on Russia

Belief #3: America effectively ignored Russia when it looked for help in the 1990's

Belief #4: America has become the world’s bully

  • America urged strong NATO intervention at the end of the 1992–95 Balkan War. Russia felt ignored in its own back yard.
  • America facilitated the 1999 NATO intervention in Kosovo, the Balkans, against Russia objections. (From 500 to a few thousand civilians died.)
  • America invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and left 20 years later. (Conservatively, 47,000 Afghan civilians died.)
  • America invaded Iraq in 2003 and left eight years later. (109,000 to 601,000 Iraqis died as a result of the war. 1 million Iraqi migrants fled.)
  • Many Americans don’t know that US armed forces are currently engaged in wars in Syria, Somalia, and Yemen. Others have forgotten that since 2000, the US has completed significant wars in Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, and Sudan/Congo/Central African Republic.



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J. Andrew Shelley

J. Andrew Shelley


A builder who writes about organizations, politics, and people striving for a better world. Book: American Butterfly