Yet Another Thing To Drive Us Mad: Home Construction

Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash

Home Improvement Is Hard

Photo by author. We don’t notice the broken tiles, molding ceiling, or non-working faucets.
  • Schedule delay: 6 weeks of scheduled start-stop-start because of other projects pursued by our GC (General Contractor)
  • Team delay: Work stopped after the first two hours because a child on the GC’s team became sick.
  • Product delay: A 7-week delay because the tub sitting in the GC’s facility for the past 8 weeks was damaged in transit

Construction Professionals Have Earned Their Reputation

Growing Demand for Construction

  • The number of homes per million people has fallen.
  • Millennials are finally buying homes.
  • The shift to home life (home offices, home gyms, family rooms,…) remains post-pandemic.

Finding Construction Skills Is A Big Challenge

Construction Remains Local

Covid Rules



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